6 Frequently Committed Yoga Blunders by Novice to Yoga and Their Simple Solutions

When it comes to yoga, there are many poses to perform, including bending, stretching, up/down, squat, and repeat. However, this will not occur overnight because Rome was not built in a night! As a result, if you want to be successful in your yoga campaign, as you step onto your mat to carry out yoga, avoid the following mistakes:

1. Going Directly Into An Advanced Pose

As a beginner, yoga practice should be gradual. After all, why are you in a hurry? Are you hurrying to join a train? If not, then slow down. Avoid a complicated yoga pose on too quickly because you might only finish with an injury. People no longer have the patience for suitable practice, and therefore jump into the sophisticated stuff and suffer later.

  • Solution

The simple solution here is that you should not jump, but be gradual in your yoga practice. Make sure your body is calm before you go into a trickier pose. Always begin with a few warm-up yoga exercises and then select a few smoothed yoga poses to make your body gradually flexible. You can then begin with a few advanced poses as soon as you have enough practice.

2. Inconsistency In Your Yoga Practice 

Many people are not consistent in their yoga practice, forgetting that it is a practice that makes perfect. A regular and stable practice—preferably two or three times a week in the beginning—will help your body to open up and move further into the poses slowly.

3. Wrong Breathing 

The fundamental foundation of yoga is breathing. Therefore, you will not have the opportunity of becoming a yoga professional if you do this wrong from the beginning. You should not try to hold your breath when you want to get a pose right. Avoid holding your breath, but allow it to go with ease.

Wrong breathing or holding your breath creates stress in your body, which is just the actual conflicting purpose of yoga. Feeling that you are holding your breath is a sign that you are pushing too hard or too fast. Calm yourself down and try to breathe deeply into your stomach and through your nose for the whole session. Don’t forget the fact that practice makes a woman perfect, so do not stop trying.

4. Not Giving Enough Time To Relax

Quite a number of people don’t think it is necessary for them to give enough time to rest and relax after a yoga practice. These people are always in a hurry to leave to do some other important work or just want to get on to the next pose. Yoga is not to be hurried, while it is necessary to take your time before each pose and give your body time to calm down.

Give your body 5 minutes rest after a yoga session, and allow it to arouse your nervous system back into coordination. Allow your body to return to its original position so that you will not have unexpectedly loose body parts. 

5. Being Anxious 

When it comes to yoga practice, you don’t need to be too anxious because nobody in a yoga class judges you. To get maximum benefits of yoga, the poses should be designed and modified in such a way that it will work for you. Yoga is all about linking your mind with your body smoothly through your breath and not just about carrying out crazy taunts or being super bendy. Yoga is to breathe and allow the breath to be your guide, and this is the significant thing to remember.

6. Wearing The Wrong Attire

Wrong clothes or attire is not right for yoga practice. Some people who are beginners to yoga, often put on loose shorts or baggy T-shirts. However, the best thing you can do is to put on form-fitting and encouraging clothing, which is not too restraining for you to breathe. Loose clothes fly up in your face when doing forward bends and downward dog and can expose more than you want to reveal!

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