The secret of Kollath Breakfast

Raw foods are known to be very healthy for humans, but some of them are hard to digest this way. Good examples of this are oats and wheat. Since it is hard for us to digest them, German professor Werner Kollath, a famous 20th-century nutritionist and doctor of medicine, has found a way which makes them digestible without cooking. It should not be mixed with muesli, which is prepared with a lot more of fruits and other extras and where oats are secondary. 

The recipe and benefits are listed below.

Ingredients For One Person:

  • Originally, the meal consists of 30 to 40 grams of flour from whole wheat grain, but you can also grind fresh oats yourself
  • Next, add 3 to 5 tablespoons of water 
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • 15 grams of dried chopped fruits
  • 100 grams of grated apples 
  • And sprinkle with some almonds or hazelnuts. 

In the evening mix the flour or ground oats and water in one bowl, which will swell during the night and become a dense mass, while some chemical transformations also happen which make this breakfast as nutritionally valuable as it can be at the end. In another bowl soak the dried fruits.

In the morning mix the contents of the two bowls and add the rest of the ingredients – the lemon juice and freshly grated apple.

Results of eating this breakfast on a regular basis include:

  • Feeling of fullness at least for 4 hours and also feeling of lightness in the stomach;
  • Regulation Of Weight: Since you will not be hungry before lunch, you will consequently eat less and get used to small meals more easily;
  • Since it detoxifies the body, it reduces toxin related fatigue;
  • It helps with the concentration in both physical and intellectual tasks;
  • It is also shown to aid in the prevention of addictions such as coffee, tobacco, alcohol;
  • Better resistance towards stress;
  • The composition of the blood is improved. Skin becomes pink and soft as a result;
  • Hair is softer and livelier. Dr. Kollath has noticed his hair stopped going gray and returned to its natural color upon eating this breakfast regularly; 
  • Nails become shiny and resistant;
  • Teeth health also improves;
  • Skeleton gets stronger, and therefore fractures are less likely to happen. And they heal faster if it does.

Wheat or oats and fruits are a great combination in the Kollath breakfast. You should pick the fruits according to the season you are in, which makes the breakfast constantly different. This breakfast will provide you with all the necessary daily vitamins and minerals. Preparation is easy and simple, and it saves you a few minutes in the morning which we can all make use of.

Since breakfast is the start of our day, having a good and healthy morning breakfast routine could improve the rest of our days as well, making us more concentrate more, giving us the feeling of success and motivating us to stay on track with our healthy life decisions.